We’ve re-opened our shop in anticipation of our 2022 season.


ANNOUNCEMENT: crone+forest webshop has reopened! ##blackfarmers ##baltimore ##flowers

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Full Season Shares

We’re bringing back full season shares from 2021 but changing things up a little. In 2022, the spring share will start Mother’s Day weekend and last 7 weeks. Our summer share is the usual 10 weeks.

Partial Shares

In 2022 we are offering partial shares throughout our growing season. If you were nervous about committing to a 5 or 10 week share, now we are offering 3 and 4 week options.

New Offerings for 2022

Single Bouquets

You can now order single bouquets during our growing season. We are offering a limited supply.

DIY Weddings

Last year we were nervous about offering any event services. There were plenty of unknowns: What would our availability be? What if all our crops failed? Will we have enough flowers? Will we have time to deliver? Can we ship that much product and have it arrive to our quality standards? Now that we are in our groove and more confident in our production, we will be offering wedding/event packages for local delivery in 2022.

Expanded Shipping

If you weren’t able to order from us in the past due to location, good news! We’ve expanded our shipping regions! Please give us the chance to make you smile with fresh bouquets in 2022.

Founder Angelica Temoche holding a bucket of cosmo and zinnia stems.

Thanks so much for supporting crone+forest, we’ve been able to grow so much thanks to your support.

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